Sunday, 18 June 2017

Vision City Video Games Park, Resorts World Genting

My brother and I love to play video games, sit on kiddie rides and play arcade games. During the school holidays, my mommy brought us to Vision City Video Games Park at Resorts World Genting for some great fun!

This is one of the largest arcade centers in the country with a total of 429 units of machinery available, offering 4 different types of games, namely video games, redemption games, kiddie rides and skill games. The total number of video games available is 294, including the latest state-of-the-art video machines from Japan, Taiwan and China. The centre's yearly product refresh cycle covers about 10% of the total number of machines so you can enjoy new excitement all the time. 

Some of these games depend on luck and skill. If you are good, you can take home a plushie on the spot. Some games are played for fun. We enjoyed ourselves very much.

All these games can be played by reloading money to the eZiCash card at the counters or machines. If you play the redemption games and hit certain targets, the scores are converted to e-tickets and stored in the eZiCash cards for a maximum of 2 years. The e-tickets can be used to redeem merchandise at GRC too. 

I am sure you will have lots of fun here. The arcade games here are for the young and old, you will find some that you really like. If you come up to Resorts World Genting, make sure you visit Vision City Video Games Park for some family fun. I wish to come here again soon. 

The other exciting thing happening is the opening of the world's first 20th Century Fox Theme Park next year. I can't wait for the opening! 

For more information, call +603 2718 1118 or visit

Thursday, 8 June 2017

My fun time at DreamWorld Playland

During this school holiday, my mommy brought my brother and I to DreamWorld Playland. We went to both the Starling Mall branch and IOI City Mall branch. It is a newly open playland for children up to 12 years old.

My brother and I liked the cool, snowy decorations at DreamWorld Playland. We enjoyed exploring the playland as it was very big with lots of fun slides and every tunnel and hole leads us somewhere fun.

This playland is safe as there is safety nets everywhere.

We can learn climbing skills here.

This is a great place for kids to exercise, explore and have lots of fun while bonding with parents. If you love making sand castles or playing with sand, you will love the sand box area.

There are also DreamRides at Starling Mall branch with many different animals to choose from.

The ticket price for Starling Mall branch is shown below. 1 adult can enter for free with every child ticket purchased. Additional adult is RM 5.00.

The IOI City Mall branch ticket price is slightly cheaper.

Come to DreamWorld Playland with your children for great fun! 

Saturday, 3 June 2017

Disney Tangled Series

My mommy brought my brother and I to Sunway Pyramid to take photos with Princess Rapunzel and Belle. We went twice on different days. Disney Dream Big Princess event is at LG2 Blue Concourse from 26 May - 12 June 2017.  Disney Princesses Rapunzel and Belle will be here from 1 June - 4 June 2017 for Meet & Greet sessions at 1pm, 2:30pm, 4pm, 6pm and 7pm. 

To celebrate Rapunzel’s grand return across Southeast Asia, Disney Channel presents the multi-platform character hunt Tangled Quest. From 21 May to 30 June, kids and families can take part by snapping a picture of Rapunzel, Eugene, Maximus or Pascal with the Tangled Quest insignia on Disney Channel and Disney-owned social platforms and upload it on the Tangled Quest website (

We took many nice photos here.

I saw a little girl wearing matching color dress as Belle and she was so cute.

There is a photo booth where you can take photos and get them printed out. Kids can record a video here telling their dreams and if Astro likes the video, it will be chosen to be aired on Astro.

Disney Tangled Series is on Astro Channel 615 at 11.30am every Sunday. Make sure you watch it because the story is really interesting. 

For more information, log on to

Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Soul of Shaolin & Genting International Children's Festival Experience

A few days ago, my parents brought me to Genting Highlands as I was invited by the PR team of Resorts World Genting. Thanks for letting me be a kid blogger to cover events there. I love to visit Resort World Genting because there is always so much to see and do there. We watched the Soul of Shaolin theatrical show at Genting International Show Room. This show was about Hui Guang's story when he was forced to be abandon by his mom, how he became a Shaolin monk and in the end reunited with his mom. To know more about the story, read my earlier blog HERE

This is the first time I watched such an interesting kungfu performance live on stage. I could not believe that they could do all the dangerous acts.

The story was very interesting and the I enjoyed the whole show. There are 2 shows at 9pm or 4pm from 28 May to 26 June 2017. There will be two shows at 4pm and 9pm on 24 June. A total of 22 shows are scheduled, with each screening lasting 90 minutes (with 10 minutes intermission).

Another interesting show at Sky Avenue is the Genting International Children's Festival where there are “Cheers & Pom: Cheerleading,” to be held at Level 1 of the mall, “Storyland: Cosplay Meet & Greet” at Level 2, and “Street Beats: Brass Ensemble” at Level 3. Two other activities are “Paradise: Forest Fairies Ballet Dance,” to be held at First World Rainforest, and Boulevard's Parade at Genting Grand Open Car Park.

I enjoyed the music of the "Street Beats: Brass Ensemble" very much.

I also loved the “Storyland: Cosplay Meet & Greet” where I saw Snow White, Beauty & the Beast, Sailor Moon, Joker, Naruto and many more characters.

This Genting International Children's Festival will be from 27 May to 11 June 2017. Come here and enjoy all the great dances and music this school holidays. My family had a memorable and great experience. Looking forward to my next Genting trip soon.

Sunday, 21 May 2017

Genting International Children's Festival & Shaolin Kung Fu at Resorts World Genting

School holidays is coming really soon and I am very excited. My mommy told me she will bring me to Resorts World Genting because there are plenty of activities there, particularly the Genting International Children's Festival 2017 and Soul of Shaolin, a critically acclaimed theatrical event that has toured the world in order to showcase the magnificence of Shaolin kung fu warriors. If you do not have any plans for this coming school holiday, you can come to Resorts World Genting.

Genting International Children's Festival 2017 

This is to be held from 27 May to 11 June carries the tagline, "“art, dance and music,” and is set to be a visual feast where guests can enjoy soaking up the carnival atmosphere. 

Three activities that will take place at SkyAvenue are namely “Cheers & Pom: Cheerleading,” to be held at Level 1 of the mall, “Storyland: Cosplay Meet & Greet” at Level 2, and “Street Beats: Brass Ensemble” at Level 3. Two other activities are “Paradise: Forest Fairies Ballet Dance,” to be held at First World Rainforest, and Boulevard's Parade at Genting Grand Open Car Park.

As evident, the Genting International Children's Festival promises variety there is something for everyone from cheerleading to cosplaying to ballet.

No doubt kids will love watching the handsprings, and tumbling and twisting skills of the cheerleaders who will light up the atmosphere at Level 1 of SkyAvenue during Cheers & Pom. This is a must-see event for those who enjoy watching the superior dexterity of graceful cheerleaders.

Another wonderful sight awaits at “Paradise: Forest Fairies Ballet Dance” where pretty ballerinas will whirl and twirl away as they entertain visitors in this land of make-believe. Surely there is nothing cuter than the sight of young people in colourful dance skirts and tutus!

People-watching should also be an enjoyable activity at “Storyland: Cosplay Meet & Greet”  where cosplayers will have a field day dressing up as their favourite characters, while “Street Beats: Brass Ensemble” promises fun in music street musicians playing drums, trombones, and trumpets, among others.
The holiday period is likewise celebrated with pomp and gaiety at Boulevard's Parade at the Open Car Park of Genting Grand. Just basking in this festive atmosphere alone would make an excellent activity for the whole family.

Soul of Shaolin theatrical show
Among the oldest institutionalised styles of Chinese martial arts, Shaolin kung fu is second to none in terms of beauty and artistry. And kung fu enthusiasts would be happy to know that this magnificent martial art form will be on full display at Resorts World Genting when the theatrical event, Soul of Shaolin: Hui Guang's Story takes centre stage from 28 May to 26 June 2017.
A critically acclaimed show that earned a nomination at the 63rd Tony Awards in 2009, it has held more than 500 performances worldwide in such countries as the US, Australia, Italy, Norway, India, Korea, Turkey, Macau, Hong Kong, and Turkey.  When it opened at Marquis Theater on Broadway in January 2009, all its seven performances were sold out and Jan 15 was promptly proclaimed China on Broadway Day by New York City.
At Resorts World Genting, Soul of Shaolin: Hui Guang's Story will be held at Genting International Showroom at 9pm or 4pm*, from 28 May to 26 June 2017. There will be two shows at 4pm and 9pm on 24 June. A total of 22 shows are scheduled, with each screening lasting 90 minutes (with 10 minutes intermission).
Billed as China's key cultural export project by China's Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Commerce, the State Administration of Radio, Film & Television, and the General Administration of Press and Publication, the event is deemed “the Best of China” and is brought to you by Asian Arts Connection.
Soul of Shaolin: Hui Guang's Story is a stirring portrait of the life of a Shaolin monk. The tale begins with a woman who is forced to abandon her son when she finds herself pursued by a group of bandits. The woman hides her child among tall grass before jumping off a cliff in her effort to evade capture.
The child is later found by Na Luo, a Shaolin kung fu monk, who also picks up a piece of broken jade he finds near the former. Years go by, and the child, named Hui Guang, grows strong and healthy—raised and taught by Na Luo and also Miao Xing, the abbot of Shaolin Temple. Hui Guang's past is not hidden from him; the truth is revealed to him, along with the piece of jade.
Depressed upon learning about his tragic past, Hui Guang gets drunk and ends up provoking other monks. He is then punished by Miao Xing who places him in a cave known as Bodhidharma. As it turns out, Hui Guang learns about being a paragon of virtue that it is the real soul of Shaolin.
The story continues with him later crossing paths with his mother. Still out looking for her son, she once again finds herself in trouble when she runs into some ruffians. Hui Guang and Na Luo come to her aid, and while fighting off the hoodlums, the former loses his piece of broken jade. When his mother comes upon it later, she searches for him at his temple.
Mother and son are reunited and both wish to leave the temple to begin life anew. Unfortunately, temple rules dictate that a monk that wishes to leave, must fight his way out. As it turns out, the final opponent Hui Guang must face is Na Luo and the latter chooses to fake his vanquishing in order to help Hui Guang. The story thus ends well, with Hui Guang and his mother leaving the temple to start a new life.
Tickets for Soul of Shaolin: the Story of Hui Guang are priced at RM156 (VIP), RM126 (PS1), RM96 (PS2). GRC (Genting Rewards Card) members enjoy a 10% discount.
For more information, call +603 2718 1118 or visit