Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Awana Bio Park Nature Trails At Resorts World Genting

My mom, brother and I were at Awana Bio Park, Resorts World Genting recently for some bird watching activity and to explore the 130 million year old rainforest. Can you imagine that the the rainforest is that old? This rainforest is very near the beautiful Awana Hotel which has an 18 hole golf course. 

Our bird watching activity came at the right time right after my brother asked mom to buy him a binoculars. My brother was very excited when Resorts World Genting invited us for a 2 days 1 night trip especially bird watching activity. 

We learnt different types of bird names from a very good book which Mr. Henry Goh showed us. We saw about 4 different types of birds that day.

Mr. Eddie Chan from Treks guided us when we explored the tropical rainforest. He explained that there is wifi and visitors can get more information about the plants, insects and other information by scanning the NFC code on their mobile phones. This is cool technology because I didn't expect to see all these in a rainforest. 

It was my first time going hiking in a rainforest and I find it a little challenging. Some areas were quite steep and some were covered with long grass.

The three new trails join the current selection of five adventures to be had in the jungles of Genting Highlands, all of which unveil different facets of the forest. Wifi Forest with Shinrin Yoku is an immersive experience combining the Shinrin Yoku concept of contemplative forest appreciation from Japan with strategic use of smartphone apps to reveal the rich biodiversity of the rainforest. The Treks Adventure Experience takes things a little more in the direction of courage – abseiling down a 24m boarded slope placed at a 55-degree angle to appreciate the jungle. As twilight descends, the brave and the inquisitive can venture out into the dark to encounter nocturnal animals with Trek’s Steven Wong over a Night Herping session. And for those who prefer the comfort of light, the Sunset Watch at The English Garden is a perfect compromise between day and night, indulging in the spectacle of the sun setting over the pristine rainforest of Genting Highlands. 

In addition to the activities designed by Trek, Resorts World Genting is also introducing a Pitcher Plants Conservation Project and a Bamboo Conservation Project at Awana Bio Park. The project will include participation from other organisations like Universiti Malaya, Birdlife and the Malaysian Nature Society for the study of forest rodents and wildlife, as well as partnering with Semai Orang Asli to promote indigenous craftwork and raise awareness of the role of bamboo in traditional food making.

We saw a beautiful pitcher plant there. 

All trails are conducted by specialist guides from Treks and are by appointment only, with the fees being RM75 per person for the Conservation Trail, RM95 per person for the Herb Forest and RM135 per person for the Biodiversity Trail. A minimum group of 3 is required for each trail. For bookings, please contact Trek Events at +6013 399 3667 or email For enquiries on the Bamboo Conservation Project, please contact 013- 3993667 (TREKS Eddie).

My mom, brother and I learnt a lot during this trip and we enjoyed exploring the rainforest very much. Thanks to Resorts World Genting for this invitation.

Friday, 12 October 2018

Sea Turtles Releasing at Resorts World Kijal, Terengganu

Recently, my mom brought my brother and I to Resorts World Kijal, Terengganu for a short weekend trip. We were all very excited, happy and enjoyed our trip. Our hotel room had an amazing sea view and pool view.
I enjoy seeing the view from our hotel room.

My happiest moment here was planting turtle eggs and releasing sea turtles hatchlings to the sea. Turtles usually arrive on Terengganu beaches from April to September, mainly consisting of the common Green Turtle (Chelonia Mydas) and the occasional rare Hawksbill Turtle (Eretmochelys Imbricate). Returning by instinct to the very area that they were hatched, the 7.6km beach at Resorts World Kijal is one of these hallowed places. For about three months, the eggs will lay incubating in the sand, only for the hatchlings to emerge during a full moon and speed their way to the ocean. In the years to come, many will return to the very same beach, completing the cycle of life. And Resorts World Kijal will be there waiting to welcome them back.

Turtle eggs need to be put in the hole the exact way it was laid. No tilting or turning the eggs.

Releasing baby sea turtles into the sea was a happy moment for me. The turtles are so cute. However, these baby sea turtles will be floating on the surface of the sea for the 1st week and most of them would be eaten by other fish or birds. Only 1 out of 1000 can survive and grow big. The female sea turtles will return to the very spot they were released to lay eggs.

There were also other activities which my brother and I enjoyed such as playing and swimming at the beautiful pool. 

Resorts World Kijal also organizes telematch games where we had a lot of fun. This was a great way to meet new friends.

There is also an 18-hole golf course here, giant Snake & Ladder, jacuzzi, bicycle riding and some hammocks to relax.

This is a very fun and educational trip. I would love to come here again. 
If you want to book a trip here, their address is : 

Km 28, 24210, Jalan Kemaman - Dungun, 
Kampung Meraga Beris, 24100 Kijal, Terengganu