Monday, 22 August 2016

Scott's DHA Gummies - Bright Little Explorer

My mom brought my brother and me to the Scott's DHA Gummies launch at Aquaria KLCC. I was really happy because I could try the delicious and healthy Scott's DHA Gummies which comes in 2 flavors, orange and strawberry. I loved the strawberry flavor. It did not taste fishy at all.

The children had a guided tour at Aquaria KLCC while the parents attended the Scott's DHA Gummies launching event in another room. I learnt a lot during the guided tour. It was really fun and educational. Here are some of the photos taken during the guided tour.

I learnt how to differentiate a male and female sea turtle. Male sea turtles have longer tails and female sea turtles have shorter tails.

Beautiful and colorful jelly fish is really a great sight.

For more information on the Scott's DHA Gummies launch, please visit my mom's blog post at