Saturday, 25 August 2018

Museum Of Illusions

During the recent school holidays, my mom brought my grandparents, brother and me to Museum Of Illusions. It is located at 1st and 2nd floor of Ansa Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. It is open from Monday to Sunday from 9am to 11pm. Ticket price is RM 35 for adult, RM 25 for child and RM90 for family ticket.

I love this place because I learnt a lot about science and what we see that is actually not real. This is a great place to take family photos.

The Ames Room is very unique. The floor is slanting downwards towards the left and when people stand at the left side, they will look very small. Those standing on the right side would look like giants.

The color room has three main colors (red, yellow and blue) shining on the wall and when the colors mix, there will be different colors.

Kaleidoscope where you can see many faces. Quite fun playing here.

Going through the vortex tunnel made me feel dizzy. Make sure to see my video below to see how fast this spins.

There are lots of pictures, photos and other activities here. Come and visit to see how your brain reacts to different situations and why what we see may not be true.  This is a great place to play, learn and have fun!

For more information, you can visit

Thursday, 16 August 2018


In the spirit of celebrating Malaysia, Sunway Lost World Of Tambun (LWOT) will be hosting the Hello Malaysia campaign! To commemorate this special occasion, a myriad of activities will be prepared for Malaysians to get together to have a memorable ‘Malaysia Celebration’ in a relaxing environment of Ipoh surrounded by nature.

From 18 th August to 16 th September, visitors will be greeted with performance and activities such as Oh Merdeka! – a show which brings visitors on a trip down memory lane of Malaysia before its Independence Day, accompanied by Complete Malaysiaku, Rukun Negara Quiz and Merdeka Pinwheel DIY workshop for visitors to apply their patriotic knowledge in completing different challenges.

When it comes to street food, satay is undeniably the one delicious food that visitors can never resist. For those who wants more spice, be sure to participate in the LWOT Spicy Satay Challenge to satisfy your taste buds with the super-hot sauce satay, nasi impit, cucumber and onions, at the same time bring home a mysterious prize! 

After a long day of exhilarating activities, visitors can kick back and have a good time with loved ones under the starry night in complete comfort at Lost World Glamping – a trendy and glamorous style of camping which allows guests to enjoy the outdoors in a fun and relaxed way without sacrificing comfort.

“This campaign is held in conjunction with National Day and Malaysia Day, holds deep significance as it celebrates Malaysia and Lost World Of Tambun as a destination in one of Malaysia’s historical cities. Not only will this campaign build a stronger bond between Malaysians and also visitors from around to see and learn about the country’s beauty, it aims to also foster patriotism as they enjoy the Made In Malaysia natural hot springs and experience the mythical Luminous Forest whilst embraced in nature,” said Mr. Nurul Nuzairi Mohd Azahari, General Manager of Lost World Of Tambun.

Visitors are also able to redeem vouchers for in-park purchase when purchasing ticket (walk-in or online) with MyKad and MyKid rates. Enjoy offers for one (1) Adult entrance ticket at only RM58.20 and one (1) Child ticket for RM 54.00 online* during the campaign period. Alternatively, visitors can also get discounted price of RM61.30 for Adult ticket and RM54.70 for Child ticket at the ticketing counter**.

For more information on New Malaysia Celebration, log on to the website at or its Facebook page at or by calling the park at +605 542 8888.

*Tickets are valid up to 15 September 2018
*Tickets must be purchased at least 24 hours before the redemption
*Terms and conditions applied

*Applicable for MyKad or MyKid rate.