Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Mc Donald's Story Telling Competition 2017

Recently I joined the Mc Donald's Story Telling competition for year 2017. The title of my story was 'The Floating Stone'. Last year I joined the same competition and told a story about 'The Honest Woodcutter'. I love to tell stories and this year I was not nervous because it was my second time telling stories in front of the judges and others. To read my blog about this for last year's competition, click http://mel-happy-blog.blogspot.my/2016/12/mc-donalds-story-telling-contest.html.

This year there were more than 700 participants from all the states in Malaysia and selected ones were to tell their story in a live audition at a Mc Donald's branch on different dates. I was happy to be chosen for the live audition and told my story early November. I was a little nervous but not too nervous because it was my second time. Here is a video my mommy recorded of me. I did not bring props to win like many other participants. I just joined this to build up my confidence in public speaking.

The final will be on 25 Nov 2017 and the prizes for the winners are as below:

I learnt a lot from joining this contest. I am not that nervous compared to last year's story telling competition. I enjoyed listening to other participants' stories. Good luck to all the participants for the finals!

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

My visit to Lost World Of Tambun

Recently during the Deepavali school holidays, my parents brought my brother and I to Lost World Of Tambun. It was my first time there and I really enjoyed visiting this place. This theme park is different from other theme parks I have been to because there are lots of beautiful limestones.

There were lots of Halloween games we played to win Eclipse and Pocky.

We visited the Petting Zoo which was my favourite because I love to pet and feed animals. I learnt a lot about these animals here.

This hedgehog is very spiky and you have to becareful when holding it. 

I saw snakes, tapirs, racoons, hamsters, hedgehogs, guinea pigs, birds and many other animals here. I want to come back again to see these cute animals. My brother had his first horse ride here and I loved to pet the cats at Catopia.

My brother enjoyed playing at the kids pool water slide the most. I liked Lupe Adventure which is a very short and not scary roller coaster ride. I went on this twice with my mommy.

At night, my family and I soaked ourselves at the warm and relaxing natural hot spring waters. There were many colorful and beautiful lights there. We played at Saphira's Lair which was for children and adults.

Soaking ourselves in hot spring water is very healthy for our skin.  Wish there was a hot spring near where I stay.

After our hot spring experience, we walked back to Lost World Hotel, Sunway which was very nearby. This hotel was very comfortable, clean and good.

This whole trip was truly an unforgettable one because my family was very happy and we enjoyed every moment here. We want to come back again. To read more about Lost World of Tambun, please visit my mommy's blog HERE. Thanks.