Sunday, 20 August 2017

Hotel On The Park, Resorts World Genting

Hotel On The Park is the new hotel at Resorts World Genting replacing the old Theme Park Hotel. This new hotel is suitable for families or a group of friends to stay because there are mostly quad sharing and sixers rooms. This hotel was designed with more beds as Resorts World Genting is expecting an influx of visitors with the soon to be opened Twentieth Century Fox World.

There is a giant bench for customers to sit and a high pile of giant tea cups stacked up to the ceiling. There is also a trick mirror at the hotel lobby where I took many photos.

There are still 448 rooms with no structural changes but the new design makes the rooms look more spacious and very cute. My family stayed in the sixers room. There are a total of 3 queen sized beds. I loved the upper level of the bunk bed. There is luggage storage space below the raised sleeping platforms. What a great space saving idea!

I love the cute designs in the rooms especially the TV cabinet. In lieu of expensive heavy drapes and curtains, artists pitched in to hand draw designs in white paint on blackout roller blinds, resulting in original works of art in every room.

Cute hand drawn pictures are on the walls too. 

The bathrooms are separate rooms for the shower and toilet. There are 2 sinks so visitors do not need to fight if they want to use the sink at the same time.

Here are some photos of the quad sharing room type.

There are also rooms for the disabled. These rooms are more spacious for people on wheel chairs.

There are also honeymoon suites located in the valley wing which overlooks an uninterrupted panorama of the Genting valley offering stunning views of natural mountain forests. The suites designed around the four fun stages of romance - courtship, proposal, wedding and honeymoon are all executed as stand-alone units.

For more information on Hotel On The Park, visit or call 03-6101 1118.


  1. so fun to stay there. Missed going to RWG, now son studies getting more soon as next yr standard 6

    1. RWG is very fun and I love the cool air. Studies should come first for your son.

  2. this room is so much fun isn't it melissa... aunty Miera and family had a great time there....

    1. Yes, aunty Miera. The room has so many fun drawings everywhere. Glad your family had a great time there.

  3. I'm really love this hotel concept. I want to stay 1 night there.

  4. The room are really spacious =) The design is really modern and fun stay too!