Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Fun at Petrosains, KLCC

My mommy brought my brother and I to Petrosains, KLCC to learn more about science. It was my first time there.

We had to queue to sit the ride to enter the Petrosains area.

 It was a fun ride with my brother.

 This is an experiment about making really cold dry ice.

 Another experiment.

Fun time playing big lego bricks.

Photo with dinasour.

 Another experiment.

We were here for more than 5 hours because there was a lot to see and learn. We managed to watch the last 3D show before leaving. When we were hungry, we ate at a cafe inside Petrosains. 

Eventhough my brother & I are young, we learnt a lot of new things here at Petrosains. It is a very educational place to visit. I had fun and I am sure you will too.

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